All age groups follow the FFA Curriculum which splits players into age categories – 6/7, 8/9 and 10-12.  We are part of the Eastern Suburbs Football Association (ESFA) and as such play other clubs within the ESFA umbrella.



6’s and 7s play at Coral Sea, all other age groups will play at Coral Sea and other grounds within the ESFA boundary.

All teams will train at Coral Sea. The ground is available for training Tuesday to Thursday and training will depend on the coach’s availability. Juniors train between 5 and 7 – Maroubra all age teams train from 7pm onwards.

In 2020 the season starts on 4th April and ends 30th August


  • Mixed. All games at Coral Sea on Saturdays. 
  • Play 4v4 (20 mins each half).
  • U6 – kick of 9am
  • U7 – kick off 10am
  • Children are grouped in squads of 10 and split on match days into two teams of 5 to play another squad.
  • The club limits its numbers to 8 squads per age group.


  • Mixed on Saturdays. Girls on Sundays. 
  • Games played at Coral Sea and other ESFA grounds. 
  • Play 7v7 (20 mins each half).
  • U8 – kick off 9am (varying times for girls on Sundays)
  • U9 – kick off 10am (varying times for girls on Sundays)
  • Squads are between 8 and 10 players, ideally 9 per squad.
  • The club limits its numbers to 8 teams per age group


  • Mixed on Saturdays. Girls on Sundays. 
  • Games played at Coral Sea and other ESFA grounds. 
  • Play 9v9 (25 mins each half).
  • U10 – kick off 11am (varying times for girls on Sundays)
  • U11 – kick off midday (varying times for girls on Sundays)
  • U12 – kick off 1pm (varying times for girls on Sundays_

Check the National Playing Formats and Rules here.


What do we get for our registration?

  • All players are given a training ball.
  • U8’s upwards have a shirt for the season, returned by the team manager at the end of the season. U6s and U7s keep their shirts.
  • Shorts and socks can be purchased from the canteen.

Do the club provide paid coaches?

No – all our coaches are volunteers, mostly parents. We expect all our coaches to follow the FFA coaching curriculum and have a qualified coaching director to assist.  ESFA offers free coaching courses to all registered coaches and we encourage all our coaches to take advantage of the FFA courses on offer.

ESFA Grading?

From 8’s upwards ESFA allocate teams into pools of 6/8 teams, with input from the clubs.  They regrade in a 5 week cycle with the philosophy that no team is too dominant or too weak in their respective pool. So if a team wins all their games in that cycle they will be moved up into a higher pool and likewise a team that loses all their games drops down. The objective is to have each team playing teams of similar ability by the last phase of the season.

Internal Grading?

Whilst ESFA grade at team level we also soft grade one (maybe two) teams at each age group.  We believe it is beneficial that players of stronger ability play together as it takes the dominant players into one squad and allows other players to develop. The “soft” component is that it is not compulsory and if the child prefers to play with their friends then they can.  We will only grade a team if we feel we have sufficient quality within the age group to justify, at minimum, a 10 player squad.

What age group do I play in?

We believe players should play in their own age group rather than play up an age. While we allow 5 year olds to play in 6s, we don’t encourage players younger than 5 before season start to play.


The club is run by volunteers and our low fees are supported by sponsorship and income from the canteen. Each team will have to provide parents to run the BBQ or help in the canteen at least twice through the season.