March 27, 2017

What is Team App?

Team App is a platform that simplifies communications for teams by distributing real time information to smartphones as well as utilizing standard e-mail channel.

Major features


Get notifications and reminders about key dates in your teams calendar, such as presentation nights and social gatherings.


Links through to the web address (URL) or PDF that displays the schedule/fixture for your team.


Availabilities is a great way to keep track of players, as it allows a player or team admin to enter a range of dates a player is or is not available for selection.


Link directly through to a web address (URL) for your team live scores feed, or select manual entry mode and any member of your team can enter live scores as they happen!


Discussion group created and displayed and only visible for your team


Deliver your teams newsletter or sports record directly to your members. This can be in pdf format or a link through to a website


Photos and videos are a great way to add a social element for your team’s games.

How to install Maroubra United Team App?

Very simple – just follow these steps: teamapp-brochure