Welcome to Maroubra United Football Club

Welcome to Maroubra United Football Club

All Football in NSW Suspended

Further to the recent FFA announcement please take note of the current update from ESFA

Important FAQs regarding ESFA Football Season during Covid-19.

Below is an email sent to all Club Presidents this afternoon from the ESFA President.

This was subsequently forwarded to all Clubs from ESFA Communications along with an FAQ document.

Dear Club President,

I appreciate that many of you have received questions on what the suspension of football activities means from your members, volunteers and supporters. To that end, the ESFA office (in conjunction with FNSW) has put together the attached Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document that you can distribute should you feel it’s appropriate.

This FAQ will be posted onto the ESFA website this afternoon at 5pm. ESFA will update this FAQ as necessary via the ESFA website to ensure the information contained is as accurate as possible.    

Lastly, I have spoken to many of you (or your key administrators) over the course of the last week and want to personally thank you for the collaborative approach that you have all taken. We are truly in this together and your support has been overwhelming.


Yours in football,

Nigel Singh

President – ESFA

FAQs below


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